elevating the art of haircare

JungleRed is a San Francisco based high-end hair salon, where our precision hair cutting and master hair colorists team together in the historic Castro neighborhood.

At Jungle Red hair salon, you can expect experienced stylists and hair color specialists consistently offering stylish sophistication and superior craftsmanship, with every precision cut and personalized hair color. We welcome you to a world of transformation! 


All haircuts include a consultation, shampoo and style. Haircut prices vary according to stylist experience.

Whether you're heading out for a night of glamour, or just want a wash and style to get you through the week. We've got you covered! 

Performed by our hair color specialists; please visit our HOUSE OF COLOR for more information. 

Our treatments are organically grown, plant based treatments by Davines, and are formulated to solve most common problems of scalp and hair. 

By targeting the broken bonds, this treatment works on a molecular level bringing fortifying and nourishing qualities back into the hair shaft. These products can be used to restore compromised hair as an additive to your color service, or alone as a treatment.

PERMS  $150+
In the fashion and beauty world, everything old becomes new again, and the latest retro look comes courtesy of the perm that sparked many hairstyle regrets back in the day. If you always wanted the 80s hair staple but were too terrified to try, then you’re in luck because the perm is back and better than ever thanks to new product technology. Consultation required before booking.

EXPRESS Service Menu

EXPRESS Gloss  $40+
5 minute gloss application to refresh faded ends and revive and renew the shine in your color
> Add a blow-dry for $20

EXPRESS Blow-dry  $35+
Perfect for the " On the Go " gal. A quick 30 minutes to curl, smooth or add bounce to your already clean hair. This is a great way to get you ready for your day or a night out on the town.
> Add a shampoo $20

EXPRESS Treatment  $25+
PerformedOur instant moisture or intense reconstruction treatments can help bring back integrity to your brittle ends and repair damage that comes from everyday wear and tear.
> Add blow-dry $20

NEW CLIENTS Fringe Trim / Neck Trim  $15 + ( complimentary service to existing clients )
Cleaning up your hairline or fringe in between appointments can extend your existing haircut or style. This is a 5-10 minute appointment. 

Please call the salon to book EXPRESS Services as they cannot be booked online.


In our House Of Color, there is something for everyone.

Goldwell Hair Color line is the best in the industry, free of harmful PPD's it is our color line of choice. It includes a range of color systems providing accuracy and predictability every time. One such system is Nectaya, a non ammonia hair color includes 100% grey coverage while enriching the hair with nurturing care. Henna is a fabulous natural alternative to synthetic hair color and can cover up to 30% grey while providing your hair with a nice blend of natural colors. Sourced from Mother Nature, our Henna product is of the highest quality. It is natural, vegan, sulfate, and metallic salt free, as well as hypo allergenic. Please consult with your stylist prior to booking a henna appointment.





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